Introduction of Hida High School


Hida High School is the second oldest public high school in Gifu prefecture and  one of the top-ranked schools located in Hida area. Most of our students go on to national and private universities following graduation. Additionally, Hida High School has been selected as one of the Super Global High Schools (SGH) since 2017. Through the project, our students work on various local issues in order to gain local activation and to nurture local connections. In addition, Hida High School is famous for the traditional ceremony called Hakusen nagashi. Our students tie their white lines (student girls’ white scarves and student boys’ white line which would be attached to student caps) tight and throw them into the river in front of the school with the hope for continuing their friendship forever.


<Admission Quota>

2014 280
2015 280
2016 280
2017 280
2018 280


<Educational Goal>

・To nurture the students in order to become well- balanced in terms of firm academic ability, rich minds, and good health based on the spirit of mutual respect.

・To nurture the deserving students who are able to take advantage of their ability and