About Akitsu

The shape of our school seal is based on the image of a dragonfly.

< The Origin of the Current School Seal >

Around 1899, the school seal of Hida High School was created by Inazo Tajima who was an art teacher at Hida junior high school. It was based on the Kanji character, 中, and included the concept “launching into Akitsu island”. It is said that Keigetsu Oomachi and Rohan Kouda evaluated this school seal highly.


< About Akitsu island>

Akizu(秋津) was identified as an old name of a dragonfly. Akitsu island(蜻蛉島) is the poetic epithet of Yamato no Kuni. In ancient Japan, a dragonfly was portrayed as a spirit of rice grains and a sacred insect on copper bells of the Yayoi era.

Akitsu island is another different name for Yamato no Kuni, the main island of Japan, or whole of Japan. It derives from descriptions of the legacy of Emperor Jinmu. The legacy seems to be the following sentences.


Emperor Jinmu saw around Yamato no Kuni on the day when he ascended the throne. At that time, he had a view of Yamato no Kuni and said “What an amazing island I can rule. Even though this island is small, it is hemmed in by mountains as if dragonflies are flying and copulating”. This was the origin of Yamato(大和) also being called Akizu(秋津洲).


※The name of ”Akizu” was changed to be called ”Akitsu” after Heian period.

A Message from Our School Principal

Hida High School commemorates its 131st anniversary this year since it was established in 1886. Hida High School students take the initiative in academic learning, club activities, and various school events; moreover, they create their school life meaningfully under the school mottos: “Friendly competition(切磋琢磨)” and “A firm and steadfast purpose(確固不抜)”.

After the commencement ceremony, Hida High School has a famous traditional ceremony called “Hakusen Nagashi”. Through this event, our students are able to feel the nature and traditions in Hida area and the memory of the 3 years they spent in our high school with a wide circle of association and mind growth. Originally, “Hakusen Nagashi” was a small and simple ceremony operated by our students voluntarily. However, “friendship” and “pride for alma mater” are consolidated in our students’ minds; therefore, this ceremony became an important ceremony. I have never forgotten one of the graduates’ statement, “Traditions are continuing to innovate”.

Recently, Hida region tends to be globalized by an increase in the number of tourists; on the other hand, Hida region faces a declining population and aging society. Hida High School provides our students with opportunities to enhance their connection with local community and other schools in order to reconsider our own hometown because most of the students will leave here to get a college education. For instance, “Study Supporter” is one of the efforts. It is that our students go to local elementary schools and junior high schools and learn from one another through learning support. Another example of the efforts is “Idea Contest for re-creation of the home land”. It is that our students suggest new methods of regional activation through the process of considering the local issues.

Hida High School was chosen as one of the Super Global High Schools this year; therefore, we try to foster global perspectives in our students who have a will considering our home, Hida.

Brief History

<Brief History>

May 17th 1886      Takayama junior high school was established.

June 1st was set as the anniversary of the school.

Jul 7th 1886        School name was changed to Hida School.

Oct 26th 1888       School name was changed to Hida Jinjyo junior high school.

Jul 18th 1898       School moved to current location, Sanfukuji, Takayama city.

Apr 1st 1899        School name was changed to Hida junior high school.

Dragonfly was designed as the school seal.

Apr 1st 1901        School uniforms were changed.

2 white line was attached on uniform caps.

Jan 1st 1908        The school song was composed.

Feb 29th 1948       Correspondence courses were created.

Apr 1st 1948        Hida junior high school was promoted to “high school” according to the educational school reform.

School name was changed to Hida High School.

Aug 18th 1948      School name was officially proclaimed Hida High School.

Jun 1st 1986        The 100th anniversary of the school was held.

Jan 18th 2003       Hida High School was the first place for preliminary university

entrance examinations administered by the government(センター入試試験) in Hida area.

Jun 1st 2006        The 120th anniversary of the school was held.

Jun 1st 2016        The 130th anniversary of the school was held.

Club Activities and Student Council

<Club Activities>

Hida High School has 11 athletic and 13 cultural club activities.

Athletic clubs

・Badminton club

・Baseball club

・Basketball club

・Handball club

・Japanese Archery club

・Kendo club

・Soccer club

・Soft tennis club

・Table tennis club

・Track and Field club

・Volleyball club

・Tea ceremony club

Cultural clubs

・Art club

・Astronomy club

・Brass Band club

・Broadcasting club

・Science club

・Creative writing club

・Drama club

・Flower arrangement club

・Interact club

・Photography club

・School band club


<Student Council>

Student council undertake various school events.

April      Welcoming the freshmen

-to introduce the school activities to the new students.

-to give (*)white lines to the new student boys.

(*):The number of student boys who wear a student cap is decreasing

these days; hence, student boys are given the white lines which would be attached to student caps by student council in this welcoming ceremony.

The first school council

-to explain the 1-year plan of the student council to all the students.

May      Ball-game competition

-to divide into 3 categories; volleyball, basketball, and softball, and to enjoy the competition.

June      Akitsu sai

-to perform plays and displays of each class and the cultural clubs.

July      Send-off party

-to encourage the students who will participate in the various competitions such as prefectural, Tokai, and so on.


Sports Festival

-red, yellow, and blue team・・・to try to win a victory.

-black team・・・・・・・・・・to prepare and manage the festival .

March    Hakusen nagashi

-a traditional event of Hida high school. After the commencement ceremony, graduates do Hakusen nagashi with thousands of thoughts about their high school life.

Akitsu no Mori

-an event open to the public. The members of cultural clubs perform their activities.

Introduction of Hida High School


Hida High School is the second oldest public high school in Gifu prefecture and  one of the top-ranked schools located in Hida area. Most of our students go on to national and private universities following graduation. Additionally, Hida High School has been selected as one of the Super Global High Schools (SGH) since 2017. Through the project, our students work on various local issues in order to gain local activation and to nurture local connections. In addition, Hida High School is famous for the traditional ceremony called Hakusen nagashi. Our students tie their white lines (student girls’ white scarves and student boys’ white line which would be attached to student caps) tight and throw them into the river in front of the school with the hope for continuing their friendship forever.


<Admission Quota>

2014 280
2015 280
2016 280
2017 280
2018 280


<Educational Goal>

・To nurture the students in order to become well- balanced in terms of firm academic ability, rich minds, and good health based on the spirit of mutual respect.

・To nurture the deserving students who are able to take advantage of their ability and