Club Activities and Student Council

<Club Activities>

Hida High School has 11 athletic and 13 cultural club activities.

Athletic clubs

・Badminton club

・Baseball club

・Basketball club

・Handball club

・Japanese Archery club

・Kendo club

・Soccer club

・Soft tennis club

・Table tennis club

・Track and Field club

・Volleyball club

・Tea ceremony club

Cultural clubs

・Art club

・Astronomy club

・Brass Band club

・Broadcasting club

・Science club

・Creative writing club

・Drama club

・Flower arrangement club

・Interact club

・Photography club

・School band club


<Student Council>

Student council undertake various school events.

April      Welcoming the freshmen

-to introduce the school activities to the new students.

-to give (*)white lines to the new student boys.

(*):The number of student boys who wear a student cap is decreasing

these days; hence, student boys are given the white lines which would be attached to student caps by student council in this welcoming ceremony.

The first school council

-to explain the 1-year plan of the student council to all the students.

May      Ball-game competition

-to divide into 3 categories; volleyball, basketball, and softball, and to enjoy the competition.

June      Akitsu sai

-to perform plays and displays of each class and the cultural clubs.

July      Send-off party

-to encourage the students who will participate in the various competitions such as prefectural, Tokai, and so on.


Sports Festival

-red, yellow, and blue team・・・to try to win a victory.

-black team・・・・・・・・・・to prepare and manage the festival .

March    Hakusen nagashi

-a traditional event of Hida high school. After the commencement ceremony, graduates do Hakusen nagashi with thousands of thoughts about their high school life.

Akitsu no Mori

-an event open to the public. The members of cultural clubs perform their activities.