About Akitsu

The shape of our school seal is based on the image of a dragonfly.

< The Origin of the Current School Seal >

Around 1899, the school seal of Hida High School was created by Inazo Tajima who was an art teacher at Hida junior high school. It was based on the Kanji character, 中, and included the concept “launching into Akitsu island”. It is said that Keigetsu Oomachi and Rohan Kouda evaluated this school seal highly.


< About Akitsu island>

Akizu(秋津) was identified as an old name of a dragonfly. Akitsu island(蜻蛉島) is the poetic epithet of Yamato no Kuni. In ancient Japan, a dragonfly was portrayed as a spirit of rice grains and a sacred insect on copper bells of the Yayoi era.

Akitsu island is another different name for Yamato no Kuni, the main island of Japan, or whole of Japan. It derives from descriptions of the legacy of Emperor Jinmu. The legacy seems to be the following sentences.


Emperor Jinmu saw around Yamato no Kuni on the day when he ascended the throne. At that time, he had a view of Yamato no Kuni and said “What an amazing island I can rule. Even though this island is small, it is hemmed in by mountains as if dragonflies are flying and copulating”. This was the origin of Yamato(大和) also being called Akizu(秋津洲).


※The name of ”Akizu” was changed to be called ”Akitsu” after Heian period.