School Information

○School Motto

 To be wise, strong, and creative.

○Educational Aim

1.To establish the cheerful and open-hearted traditions of the school, with the pride and self-awareness of industrial education.
2.To provide guidance in developing the harmony of wisdom, morality, and the body of the individual.
3.To endeavor to nurture the industrial specialist who has acquired the skill to keep up with new technology and to live confidently.


Gifu-Ken Takayama-Shi Chijima-cho 291


・15 minutes on foot from JR Takayama Station.
・From the Takayama Bus Center(In front of JR Takayama Station)
Nohi Bus – 5 minutes on foot from the Chijima-cho bus stop, accessible from the Akigami, Takane, Nigorigo Onsen, and Oenji Temple lines.
City Bus ” Nora-My Car ” – Right near the bus stop (Technical High School)) of the Kawanishi line.
・20 minutes from the Takayama West Interchange on the Tokai – Hokuriku Expressway(Chubu Cross Expressway) by way of Route 158 and 41.

Course Introduction

▽Mechanical Engineering Course

 Master the understanding of machine technology through knowledge, experimentation, and hands-on practice. Aims to train the engineer engaged in the business of the machine industry and various fields that relate to this such as design, manufacturing, management, maintenance, etc.

▽Electrical Engineering Course

 Broad, basic theories and hands on experimentation such as distrubution power transmission, motors, transformers, illumination, electro-thermal electricity, general electrical work, automatic controls, radio, television, semiconductors and computers are studied. Aims to train the electrician who can take an active part in each field after graduation.

▽Mechatronics Course

 During the First Year, the basics of the technology that supports the electronic industry are studied. From the Second Year, control devices such as robotics( representing mechatronics), is studied and the ability of computer programming is acquired. Aims to educate the practicing engineer who can stay current with innovation in techniques after graduation.

▽Architecture & Interior Course

 The base of knowledge and technology demanded by an architectural engineer are studied. Acquire the knowledge and technical skills necessary for project planning, design of the interior, and production learned through experienced study such as carrying out furniture design to produce a completed project.

Special Activities

□Festival Float

 Takayama City (Hida Takayama) is a famous sightseeing spot in Japan visited by three million tourists a year. The Takayama Festival held in spring and autumn is one of the three major festivals in Japan. Maritonettes on the top of the festival float are manipulated with strings by puppet masters.

□Extracurricular Activities

 Takayama Technical High School has 12 sports clubs, 4 cultural clubs, and 4 technical clubs with active membership.

□School Events
 Various events are scheduled throughout the school year.

Entrance Ceremony

Ball game tournament

Local area clean-up

Work-Study Program(Internship)

Athletic Meet

Graduation Exhibition

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