About Us

Welcome to Hashima Kita High School, a leading senior high school located in Gifu City. Our school has been a successful part of this community for over 40 years. We are a school with a strong tradition of excellence in academic achievement, sports, cultural activities and the performing arts.
Our vision is to help all our students excel in both academics and extracurricular activities. Our goal is for our students to graduate as mature and confident people who strive to achieve success in their chosen fields, as well as make meaningful social contributions.
Currently there is a wide range of subjects available at Hashima Kita High School. In 2019 we are moving to a credit-based curriculum, which will enable our students to choose the courses and subjects that are relevant and interesting to them. We encourage our students to learn how to learn and to develop the key competencies necessary to be successful in life after school.

Our Values

At Hashima Kita High School we have three values for our staff and students.

I admit when I have made a mistake and will do my best to correct it.
I take responsibility for my actions.

I learn as much as I can.
I analyze my experiences and put my knowledge to the test.
I learn wisdom by reflection, imitation and experience.

I am interested in trying new things.
I try even if I am afraid or think I will fail.
I push until I understand something or achieve my goal.
I will try, try and try again.

Recruitment Numbers

240 students (6 classes)

Club Activities

Hashima Kita High School has a wide variety of club activities for students to enjoy their school life.

Cultural Clubs Sports Clubs
・Brass Band Club ・Baseball Club
・Broadcasting Club ・Basketball Club
・Calligraphy Club ・Fencing Club
・Fine Arts Club ・Handball Club
・Home Economics Club ・Kendo Club
・Natural Science Club ・Soccer Club
・Photography Club ・Soft Tennis (using soft rubber balls instead of hard yellow balls) Club
・Sakado (Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement) Club ・Swimming Club
・Go (Japanese checkers) and Shogi (Japanese chess) Club ・Table Tennis Club
・Track and Field Club
・Volleyball Club

Statistics for Acceptance into Universities for 2019

Public Universities (4-year course) 3 students
Public Colleges 2 students
Private Universities (4-year course) 198 students
Private Colleges 74 students

Contact Us

3-chome-110 Kitazuka Yanaizucho Gifu-city Gifu-prefecture

Phone (058)388-3611
Fax (058)388-4939
E-mail c27368@gifu-net.ed.jp

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