School Information

 General Information

1. School Adress

44-1 Nakabora, Yamagata City, Gifu Prefecture, 501-2258 Japan
TEL : 0581-52-1551
FAX : 0581-52-2186
E-MAIL: c27351 ( at mark )

2. School Motto

“Act spontaneously and actively” (「自主積極」Jishu Sekkyoku)

3. Courses

1st Grade:  General Course
2nd~3rd Grade:  4 Courses (General / Business / Welfare / Industrial )

4. Yearly School Events

May Bus trip
Sports Day1( Boys play kickball and girls play soft volleyball.)
October Sports Day2 ( All students play volleyball.)
Cultural festival (山高祭 Yamako-sai) for 2 days
December School trip to Okinawa (2nd graders)


5. Club Activities

Cultural clubs :

Brass band, Science, Handcraft, Art, Tea Ceremony, Literature, History, ICT

Sports clubs :

Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Tennis, (Soccer)

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