Gifu Prefectural Mizunami High School

〒509-6196 7942 Toki-cho Mizunami-shi Gifu-ken
Telephone Number
Fax Number

Full-Time Course Courses and the Number to be Admitted

General Course 80

Life Design Course 60


School Principles

Sincerity, Autonomy, Independence,

Educational Policies

  • 1 To establish school life based on learning activities
  • 2 To foster the ability to solve problems on their own initiative
  • 3 To nurture well-rounded humans

Annual School Calendar

April Entrance Ceremony, Welcome Ceremony for 1st graders
May Sports Test, Ball Games
June Midterm Exams
July Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences, Summer Vacation
August Trial Enrollments for Junior High School Students, Intensive Study Sessions
September School Festival (Masumi-sai), Term Exams
October Opening Ceremony, Appreciation of Music or Play, Ball Games
November School Trip
December Midterm Exams, Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences
January Student Presentation, Finals (3rd graders)
February Farewell Meeting for 3rd graders
March Graduation Ceremony, Finals (1st and 2nd graders), Closing Ceremony