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About Our School

About Our School

‚P@Hida Takayama High School has a wide variety of courses and one of the largest
@@@high schools in Gifu.

‚Q@Our high school adopts g‚¬‚Ó‘‡Œ^‘I‘ð§(Gifu-Sogogata-Sentakusei)h which enables
@@@students to take classes beyond their regular courses.

‚R@A wide range of club activities are offered at Hida Takayama High School, which
@@@enriches studentsf school life.

‚S@Our unique curriculum has courses for studentsf future benefit.

‚T@Our students can enjoy learning in beautiful campuses.

‚U@We provide a dormitory called gShuhoryoh which enables boys from remote areas to
@@@dedicate themselves to study and club activities.


Principalfs Greeting


Welcome to our homepage. Hida Takayama High school was founded as a gŠò•Œ‘‡Œ^‘I‘𐧍‚Z(gifu-sogogata-sentakusei koukou)h, after Takayama High School, Hida Agricultural High School and a correspondence course in Hida High School were merged. Our high school has two campuses (Yamada Campus, Okamoto Campus), three curricula (full-time, part-time, and correspondence), and four main courses (academic, agricultural, commercial, and home economics). This variety of courses provides our students with various possibilities and enables our students to learn beyond their regular courses. The students devote their time to study and club activities in order to make their dreams come true. We can see the beautiful scenery of the Northern Alps from both the Yamada and Okamoto campuses. This homepage provides more information about our school such as club activities and studentsf achievements. We hope you will learn more about our school and studentsf activities.

Hida Takayama High School Principal Hiroshi Okuda

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