Gifu Prefectural Ogaki Commercial High School has a long history dating back to October 1902 (the 35th year of the Meiji Era), which makes our school the oldest commercial high school in Gifu Prefecture.    Gifu Prefectural Ogaki Commercial High School has turned out 27,245 graduates, who have played active parts as leaders in all fields of society in Gifu and in Japan. This year 950 students study at the day school and 110 students at the night school. They have been achieving good results in every aspect of school life. Many of the students, while they are in school, attain high-level qualifications which are very difficult to obtain. We are proud of our graduates’ successful entries into famed universities and colleges and leading companies. We are also proud of our students’ remarkable record of achievements in sports meetings. Our baseball team has competed in the All Japan High School Baseball Tournament at the Koshien Baseball Stadium several times. Other sport teams also have participated in the All Japan Inter-High School Championships many times.