(1) To build up a broad mind and a sound body with harmony of body, morality and scholastic  knowledge  We have inherited our school history and tradition of over a century, seeking to   establish a  school tone full of dignity and vitality based on our traditional school motto “Shikon-Shosai or Samurai Spirit and Merchant’s Skills” and to encourage students to find out what lives they  should lead.

(2) To build up “Power to attempt”, “Power to live” and “Power to Utilize”:   We seek to have a cheerful school where everybody is respected, everybody can smile and everybody can be moved, and where everybody endeavours to reach their goals with their eyes  shining brightly. With these three powers as   our goals, we make efforts to rear students who are  positive, cooperative and   sociable.

(3) To help students to acquire adequate learning:  We make efforts to further improve our  intramural workshops for the purpose   of developing the teachers’ teaching skills so that the  students can find pleasure in studying based on each subject’s goal and get assured scholastic knowledge.

(4) To help students acquire physical strength and health: We encourage students to positively participate in club activities and help them harmonize their studying with their club activities. In addition, we help students to establish proper eating habits as one of their fundamental daily habits.

(5) To make our school rooted in the locality and open to the local society, so tha the parents can place trust in our school: In cooperation with the P.T.A., through activities such as class visits, course guidance, and meetings, we endeavour to improve communication with the local  community, and we seek for a school open to the local society. And at the same time, utilizing the educational abilities of the local enterprises and people, we aim at enhancing our career guidance and career education.