From the Principal, Hirofumi Ogura       Japanese

   Welcome to Motosu Shoyo High School. This school was founded in 1920 as Motosu Junior High School, which was, in the old school system, equivalent to today's high school. Having gone through the school-consolidation and the subject-modification, this school has become what it is today. In 2004 this school introduced a credit-unit system and changed its name to Motosu Shoyo High School. Motosu is the name of the city and Shoyo literally means the pine trees and the sunshine, which represent vigor and liveliness.

  "Simplicity and Fortitude" and "Self-Restraint and Self-Respect" are the precepts of this school.

  This is a prestigious high school with a long history and tradition. In the past 95 years this school has turned out a lot of distinguished persons into society. As the Principal of Motosu Shoyo High School, I feel I have a great responsibility to upholding the culture and spirit that people have cherished. I hope to maintain and develop these things further over the course of my time here.

  Following are the three guidelines I hope to keep in mind during my tenure:

1. This school will help students develop an enthusiastic attitude towards self-fulfillment through detailed study consultation and guidance, and will support students in developing solid academic ability.

2. This school will help students develop a sense of respect for rules and models as well as a sense of respect and dignity through encouraging them to build warm human relationships.

3. This school will help students develop the spirit to act voluntarily and independently through encouraging them to take part in student council activities, club activities, and regional activities.

  To the present students, I want all of you to love Motosu Shoyo High School. There must be varieties of reasons for which you love this school. For instance, you might like studying, you might like club activities, you might like friends, and so forth. It makes no difference whatever the reason is. I hope your feelings for this school will someday turn into pride. I expect each of you to walk steadfastly towards self-attainment with a spirit of volunteerism and independence.