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Introduction of Ogaki-yoro High school
Location (address)
Mottoes for the school discipline
Faculties, departments, courses and groups
Educational Target
Club Activities
School Events
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Introduction of Ogaki-yoro High school

With the amalgamation of two high schools, Ogaki Agricultural High School and Yoro Girls' Commercial High School, Ogaki-yoro High School was newly established in 2005. Ogaki Agricultural High School was established in 1922 and has more than 80 years history. It was the only agricultural high school in Seino district in Gifu Prefecture. Yoro Girls' Commercial High School was established in 1948 and emphasized business education for girls. In order to make the most of these two characters, the new school was founded as "A school which aims to educate students to become capable persons who are compatible with the times as well as useful to the regional community".
 After the amalgamation in 2005, students could choose between two programs of study: Comprehensive and Agricultural. The Comprehensive faculty has three classes for each year level, which means there are nine classes in total. The Agricultural faculty also has a total 9 classes. (Students study in high school for three years in Japan.)

Location (address)

1418-4 Mukaino Sobue Yoro-cho Yoro-gun
Gifu Prefecture Japan
(Zip-code: 503-1305)
TEL:0584-32-3161  FAX:0584-32-2915

Mottoes for the school discipline

Austerity and Fortitude "質実剛健(Shitsujitsu Goken)"
Voluntary Creativity "自主創造(Jishu Sozo)"

Faculties, departments, courses and groups

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Comprehensive Faculty
Agricultural Faculty

The students of both faculties are required to study general subjects such as Japanese, mathematics, contemporary social studies, world history, science, P.E., art, English, home economics, home classroom activities, etc.

Comprehensive Faculty:3 classes a year. Each student chooses his/her own course or group in their 2nd year for their career choices. The lists of the courses and groups are as below:

Business : The students who choose this course mainly study marketing, commercial studies tourism, international business, etc.

Accounting: The students who choose this course mainly study bookkeeping, cost calculation, accounting, etc..

Information education : The students who choose this course mainly study multimedia, information [data] processing. computer graphics, programming, presentation, homepage, etc..

Social-welfare education: The students who choose this course mainly study nursing, consumer study, food culture, food design, childcare, dressmaking, etc..

Agricultural education: The students who choose this course mainly study agriculture, horticulture, animal science, food science, agriculture management, landscape gardening, etc..

The students can choose general subjects such as Mathematics, English, Chinese, biology, chemistry, politics, or subjects of other groups etc, according to their own career choices.

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Agricultural Faculty: 3 departments("Growth" Science / Food Science / Environmental Science)

"Growth" Science Department: The students study animal husbandry, pet animal science, vegetable crop science, etc.

Food Science Department : The students study food processing, food chemistry, microbiology, food analysis, etc.

Environmental Science Department: The students study horticulture, landscape gardening and civil engineering., etc

All the Agricultural faculty students study basic agricultural, practical works, project works, etc.

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Educational Target in 2007

Under the Mottoes for the school discipline, "Austerity and Fortitude" and "Voluntary Creativity", the educational philosophy of Ogaki-Yoro High School is to educate students to be broad-minded, healthy, intelligent, and 、virtuous. Our aim is to educate the students to be valuable contributors to this region.

[Educate students as follows;
 (1) Happy and self-disciplined students who have enthusiasm and good behavior.
 (2) Students who are willing to study, have creativity, and are eager to face challenges.
 (3) Students who are responsible for their own choices.

Club Activities

Cultural clubs Sports clubs
Drama club,
Tea ceremony and flower arrangement club,
Calligraphy club,
Agricultural clubs,
Brass band,
Guitar & mandolin club
Natural science club,
Art club,
Commercial club
Kendo club,
Judo club,
Track and field club,
Naginata(Japanese halberd) club,
Basketball club,
Handball club,
Soccer club,
Table tennis club,
Kyudo(Japanese archery) club,
Soft tennis club,
Volleyball club,
Badminton club

Pictures of Club Activities

Brass band

Tea ceremony


Agricultural Club(Food)







Soft tennis


School Events

April The entrance ceremony
The first-time get-together
of new students and upperclass
The introduction of clubs
May Volleyball meeting

Speech Competitions
June Mid-term Exams

School Excursion
July Parents-Teachers consultation
August Tour of the school for
Junior high school students
September 1st Term-Exams
October Open School for junior

Sports Meeting
Sports Meeting
November School Festival"Ibuki-sai"
(More pictures)

Mid-term Exams

December Distance "marathon" race

Trip in Australia
Marathon & trip in Australia
January Project presentations
February The farewell party for the
3rd graders
March The graduation ceremony

Final Exams