KANO:A School of Knowledge And New Opportunity

 Kano High School embodies "The Spirit of the White Plum Blossom" or "Hakubai Spirit". This spirit allows us to achieve our goals through study, cooperation and a real sense of belonging. We know we can achieve anything,if we continue to try our best.
 Many of our students actively participate in club activities,as well as study hard, in a caring and cooperative atmosphere. In such a wonderful learning environment,we can always be confident that we will succeed. And like the white plum blossom, we will do it together.

A Special Learning Environment

A message from the
President of the Student Council

 Kano High School exists in a rich environment of learning, creativity and cooperation. Our curriculum consists of three courses - a General course, a Music course and an Art course. It is this variety that makes our school so special.Each day, we are surrounded by the beautiful sounds of the piano. From our windows we can see artists busily sketching and painting. And inside our classrooms, students work and learn together, sharing ideas and knowledge.
 There are so many charms of Kano High School, which simply cannot be experienced in other schools, I'm so happy to be part of this wonderful place.




Make the first step
toward realizing your dreams
 The students of the general course take classes in all the major subjects such as "Japanese Language", "Geography and History", "Civics", "Mathematics","Science","Foreign Language (English)" and so on.
 Students work hard on everyday classes in a lively, energetic atmosphere.
 The students acquire basic scholastic achievement  through preparation, test, review, and weekend assignments.
 Every year, so many students go on to the universities of their first choice after finishing their three years of study..


Increase your love and
appreciation for music
 This course is for students who specialize in music .
 Students take a variety of music classes such as "Music Theory", "History of Music", "Musical Performance", "Solfege", "Chorus and Concert", and "Special Practice", etc.


Do your best to go higher and higher
 This course is for students who specialize in art.
 Students choose their majors from "Japanese Painting","Oil Painting","Sculpture","Design and Craft".
 The feature of art course is that students are able to study in their specialized fields.