Departments(5 Departments)

Agricultural science

Stock Raising
     Beef Cattle                 Wallabies

        Grapes                Japanese Pears

        Melons                  Tomatoes

Food Science ( Biotechnology )

Food Production
     Making of jam               Making of bread

Food Analysis
Quantitative analysis of protein   Quantitative analysis of Vitamin C

   Microbe Observation          Utilization of microbe

Natural Forestry Science ( Forest engineering )

Environment Protection
Checking forest environment on a canue   Survey work with GPS

Forest Maintenance
Tree climbing to cut branches

Forest Products
    Culturing mashrooms           Wood manufacturing

Environmental Design ( Gardening )

Environment Design
     Designing                   Measurement

Environment Engineering
  Engineering of small gardens

Environment Greening

     Tree pruning 

Tree pruning  Making new year's decorative using pine branches

Horticulture & Distribution ( Distribution science )

Flowers and seedlings
Cultivation of seedlings for planting in flower beds

Cultivation of flowers in a green house

    Sales of products             Handling data

Interchange activity in local area
    Utilization of flowers       Participation to events in local area