About Hida Kamioka High School

Hida Kamioka High School is located in the north of Gifu Prefecture. It is about a 50-minute drive from Takayma City. The town is famous for Super-Kamiokande, a device built by Tokyo University to detect a neutrino. We have approximately 170 students, so we are the smallest public high school in this prefecture. Our school is a comprehensive high school. We have three courses: Literature and Science, Business and Finance, and Technology. From the second grade, our students can choose what they want to learn.



There used to be two high schools in Kamioka town. One was Hunatsu High School and the other was Kamioka Technical High School. They were integrated and Hida Kamioka High School was founded in 1997.



School Principle

塸抦(eichi) :Wisdom



Our school principle was established in 1998. It was chosen from 107 applications.


Goals of Our Education

(1) to find out a good point and possibility of each student and develop them, to enable students to improve their academic ability, and to nurture 乬Zest for life.乭

(2) to produce a school which is reliable, open ,and indispensable to 乬Takaharagou,乭 the area where the school is.


Address: 2138-2 Kokaya, Kamioka Town, Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, 506-1143, Japan

Tel: 0578-82-1147

Fax: 0578-82-4865