Welcome to Hashima SHS

  Hashima High School is located in Hashima City, which is just south of Gifu City, and close to Aichi Prefecture. In the east flows The Kiso River, in the west The Nagara River.

  The school was founded in 1921 and now it is one of the most traditional high school in Gifu. The school consists of two main buildings with four floors and three floors respectively, and two gymnasiums. The large gymnasium is for sports such as basketball and volleyball and for school assemblies. The smaller gymnasium is for martial arts, such as judo and kendo. There is also a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a large playing field for football, baseball, and track and field. Each club activity does their best to produce results. The air conditioners equipped at each classroom and glorious seasonal flowers also make the school life more comfortable. 

  Hashima High School aims to motivate the students to make their life wonderful along with an eagerness to learn, modesty, courage and creativity through all educational activities in their school life.

School Calendar and Typical Monthly Scenes