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Gifu Technical High School
School Motto and Guidline of Education

School Motto
"To be polite, to value labor and to obtain original ideas."

Guidelines of Education
To promote industrial education that meets the expectations of society and community.
To this end we have been trying to help our students make the most of developing their abilities and aptitude so they can become practical and technical engineers. Furthermore, through our democratic relationship with the students we encourage them to be strong and open-minded.

Outline of Our School

Curriculum for 2001 Academic Year
・Freshmen study primary subjects for technical high school students.
・2nd and 3rd year students focus on further study of technical subjects.

Facilities and Equipment
We have more than 200 personal computers and are well equipped with FA (Factory Automation) and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.
In 1995 the two-storied gymnasium was built. Now there are six buildings and some special practice buildings on campus within the school grounds.

Introduction of Courses
Courses and Number of Students
course grade
3rd 2nd freshman
Mechanical Engineering 80 80 80
Electronics Mechanics 40 40 40
Equipment System 40 40 40
Construction Engineering 40 40 40
Chemical Technology 40 40 40
Electrical Engineering 40 40 40
Electronics Engineering 40 40 40
Design Engineering 40 40 40
Gifu Prefectural Gifu Technical High School

Address 1700 Tokiwamachi Kasamatsu-cho Hashimagun , Gifu
TEL 058-387-4141
FAX 058-387-4019
E-mail c27319@mx.gifu-net.ed.jp