Our education policy
◇To educate each student to have the will to live.
◇To manage the school to thoroughly achieve the school education aims.

 Our education objective and aims

   Our objective:
 to help pupils and students to have the ability to associate with a number of people and to live a good life in their community.

 To this objective,the school aims to:
・encourage pupils and students to have the ability to express themselves vigorously.
・encourage pupils and students to have a sound body and mind.
・encourage pupils and students to have the ability to live on their own as a number of the society.

Our school precepts

A child who lives actively
-A cheerful child
-A healthy child
-A tenacious child

   A child who lives actively
      A cheerful child A healthy child  A tenacious child

 School management priorities

<All teaching staff are responsible for collaborating and being                         committed to the active school management.>

  The administrative staff should have an unswerving educational ideology,and take a leadership.
Moreover,they should establish a functional management to utilize all teaching staff.
  The administrative staff should observe the New Course of Study,and carry out the transition of the system appropriately and accurately,based on the philosophy of the New Course of Study.
A new creative curriculum is to be made and implemented to utilize the characteristics of the school and the local community.
  By making ‘Individual support plan’ richer in content,and utilizing ‘special needs education coodinator,’The administrative staff should promote education and meet the needs of each child with disabilities.
  The medical care system is to be arranged so as to make our school safe and sound.
  In order to support children learning at the other schools,we provide a positive supports of counseling for their future independence by visiting other schools.
  We give a priority to keeping the school and our children safe and secure. All staff should be mindful that new risks may emerge and should be always on the lookout for the risks in and outside the school. The school is ready to establish risk management systems by enforcing a relationship with parents,the community,and organizations involved.
  We try hard to make the school opener,not only by providing homes and the community with our school policy but by announcing the results of self assessment and the evaluation by the people involved in the school and the community.
  We implement class studies and in-school tranings to enhance the teaching quality and teaching competence of our staff.

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