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Gifu Prefectural Toki Koryo High School

About Our School

・School Motto校訓
 Be cheerful! Be tough! Be enriched!
 Full-time, credit based system, integrated course
・The number of the students

About Integrated Course

・Students can choose what they want to learn from a variety of classes.総合
・Students can make their own time schedule.
・Students can learn in a small group.
・Students can experience some practical training.
・Students can get detailed advice and information from teachers.
・Students can use excellent facilities.

Introduction of 4 categories of optional subjects

・Subjects for students who wish to go to university or college
・Subjects for students who wish to learn cooking, nutrition, childcare or nursing care
・Subjects for students who wish to learn business and computer
・Subjects for students who wish to learn painting, design, cartoon, ceramic art or craftwork

School events

The first semester球技
April       Entrance ceremony
            The first term opening ceremony
May        School excursion
            Ball game competition (volleyball)
June        1st mid-tem exam
July         Interview week with parents
August      Open school for the junior high school students
September    1st term exam

The second semester
October     The second term opening ceremony
          School excursion (2nd grade)遠足
          A workplace experience (1st grade)
November     School festival
          Subject decision
December    2nd mid-term exam
           Interview week with parents
January       Presentation of research (3rd grade)
February     Final exam (3rd grade)
           Farewell party for 3rd grade students
March       Graduation ceremony
           Final exam (1st grade and 2nd grade)

Club Activities

ATHLETIC CLUB   Baseball野球
              Kyudo (Japanese archery)
              Table tennis
CULTURAL CLUB   Brass band
              Fine arts
              School newspaper
              Tea ceremony

To contact

Address: 1795-12 Oroshi-cho, Toki-shi, Gifu-ken 509-5202 Japan
Telephone: +81 (0) 572 57 7131
Fax: +81 (0) 572 57 7133