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 Gifu Kita Senior High School is located in the north end of Gifu City in Gifu Prefecture , Japan. For over 70 years, Gifu Kita High School has prided itself on academic excellence and its ability to provide a wide range of extracurricular activities to its more than 1,000 students.

 As one of the top-ranked schools in Gifu Prefecture, almost all of our students apply to go to university following graduation, with the vast majority attending private or national universities.

 We also offer a wide range of sports and cultural clubs. A number of these clubs have participated in National and Tokai District Competitions over the last few years.

 Gifu Kita High School students also have the invaluable opportunity to participate in the international exchange. Since 1992, we have sent approximately 14 students every other year to Catlin Gabel School, in Portland, Oregon, United States, for about ten days. Students from Catlin Gabel also attend Gifu Kita High School for about a week every second year.  Through these exchanges and other programs at our school, we hope to instill a sense of internationalization and global awareness in our students to help them become better citizens of Japan.

 Please enjoy the rest of your visit of ourschool's website. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us (in Japanese or in English) by mail, phone, fax or e-mail.


Address:    502-0931 1841-11 Shimizu Noritake Gifu City
                                Gifu Prefecture Japan
Telephone:  058-231-6628 (in Japan)    
81-58-231-6628 (outside Japan)

Fax:       058-231-7815 (in Japan)    
81-58-231-7815 (outside Japan)

E-mail:     c27302@gifu-net.ed.jp

Transportation : * Get off the train atGifu Station on JR Tokaido line
            and get on Gifu Bus and get off at Kita Kou Mae bus stop.


Three KASHIWA leaves that never change color;

One for young life,

one for high principle

and one for wisdom.

The mission of our school is to produce students who,

can judge fairly and act independently,

excel in academics and think creatively,

are generous and considerate,

possess an international awareness and open minds,

and will serve as model citizens for Japan.


Three KASHIWA leaves and pens

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